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The Haileybury Advantage

Why Haileybury?

What is The Haileybury Advantage?

Haileybury students are able to flourish because of the strong teaching and developmental framework we have in place. Innovative teaching methods and a firm focus on educational excellence inspire classroom learning, while a safe and supportive learning environment and strong community ethos help every student build confidence, connection and a strong sense of place.

Parallel Education

Our Parallel Education Model delivers teaching and learning in a way that recognises the unique and changing social, emotional and educational needs of each and every student. While learning in separate classes, girls and boys share the same campus, allowing them to socialise and enjoy co-curricular activities together.

Community Focus

Haileybury is above all an integrated and passionate community of students, teachers, parents, guardians and alumni, working together to ensure Haileybury remains a supportive and enriching environment in which to learn and socialise.

Explicit Teaching Model

Our innovative Explicit Teaching Model provides the best possible start for all Haileybury Junior School students, helping them engage with and master the core skills of literacy and numeracy. This research-based approach is supported with instruction in thinking and problem-solving and allows our younger students to thrive in all subject areas.

Education Awards

Haileybury has been endorsed as one of Australia’s best schools, with multiple awards from the Australian Education Awards. Our approach has achieved national recognition and received a host of respected awards – the results of a unique combination of innovation, unrivalled educators and extraordinary results.

Academic Success

Haileybury aspires to be an outstanding private school in Melbourne and overseas. A unique combination of factors delivers more than the sum of their parts: innovative teaching methods, exceptional teachers, small class sizes, outstanding academic results, a strong international focus and a comprehensive understanding of education that stretches back to 1892.