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Junior School

Prep - Year 4
Building on the early years

The Haileybury program is tailored to each educational stage and builds resilient and independent learners with a strong work ethic and critical skills in decision-making, leadership and enterprise.

The students leave Haileybury as well-rounded young citizens with a love for learning, prepared for life on the global stage and with the drive to be active members of society.

Our Junior School program

Haileybury Junior School builds on the formative work of Early Learning, further shaping attitudes to learning and helping students understand, master and apply core skills and concepts.

The Explicit Teaching Model

Our Explicit Teaching Model provides the best possible start for all Haileybury Junior School students, helping them engage with, and master, the core skills of literacy and numeracy.

This research-based approach is supported with instruction in thinking and problem-solving and allows younger students to thrive in all subject areas.

From guided to independent learning

The explicit instruction approach uses a research-based framework with components that include The Warm Up and ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’.

“I Do, We Do and You Do’ is the teaching and learning process that builds learning and moves it from teacher modelling, through guided practice to independent practice.”
Grenville Green, Deputy Principal (Junior School)

The goal is to move student learning from short-term memory and embed it to long-term memory, so students are able to continually apply the knowledge they acquire. This also builds strong skills in literacy and numeracy—the foundation of all learning at Haileybury.

Skills are taught in depth with the emphasis on application through problem-solving and higher order thinking. In a wider context, we guide students in developing positive and respectful relationships, setting high expectations, by engaging with them in their classrooms and providing effective feedback.

Student development is managed through a combination of assessment, results analysis and goal setting that together set a path of continual improvement and provide intellectual challenge.

Developing through a varied curriculum

During their time at Junior School, and through the Explicit Teaching Model, students build their knowledge and skills across a broad curriculum. They develop research and critical thinking skills through Health, History and Geography Inquiry units. Visual Arts, Music and Drama develop interest in the Performing Arts, while Physical Education provides important physical and team-building outlets. Students explore and learn about the world around them in weekly Science classes. Computer Science, Library and Mandarin further complement the program.

Ensuring wellbeing

The mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of every student at Haileybury is underpinned by the mantra, introduced by Dr Robert Pargetter, that ‘every student matters every day’.

Haileybury’s approach to student welfare is both proactive and reactive. The proactive response in Junior School is based around a ‘wellbeing’ curriculum which encompasses respect, emotional regulation, social skills, cyber-safety and child-safe lessons.

Haileybury also has a professional team of School Psychologists who provide counselling services to students.